What Eating by Myself Without Watching Television Taught Me

10 Days of Remembering: Day 4. If you don’t pay attention, you might miss it.

Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash
  1. Eating distraction-free may or may not have helped with my digestion. They (lifestyle magazine editors, mindfulness teachers, doctors, yoga gurus, celebrities, pop scientists) all say that being mindful of what you’re eating helps your body absorb the food better. I think that’s true. I also noticed that because I tend to avoid the experience of eating by myself, I’ve been eating about three times faster than usual. Which is probably not good for digestion.
  2. Good food tastes better; not-so-good food tastes horrible. Having to pay attention to what you’re eating does make your taste buds more sensitive; that I can attest to. I’ve also gotten more picky about what I eat, because I can’t distract myself from it anymore.
  3. I still get distracted. I noticed that I can’t focus on my food even if I cut the entertainment, because my mind is like a claustrophobic movie theater. It’s a lot easier to shut down your phone than it is to shut up your random thoughts. Without my phone, at least I can be aware of the jibber-jabber in my head, which, again, may or may not have been a good thing.
  4. I have more things to text my friends about. This morning I got so excited about the Chang Fen (a Chinese rice noodle shaped like lasagna) I was eating that I texted my friend a 5-paragraph essay describing in detail all the things that made it delicious.

Aspiring composer, serious minimalist, casual writer. Mandarin may be my mother tongue, but English adopted my daydreams.

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